We connect your content with qualified shoppers

Bonial is the ideal platform for retailers, brands or local stores, to publish and distribute their advertising, offer brochures and catalogues in an efficient, geolocated, and environmentally friendly way


How it works?

Using the GPS or address specified by consumers, Ofertia will show them all content from the nearest shops, ensuring that what they see is the most relevant around them


Geolocation enables our clients to segment their content locally, with the possibility of publishing different offers per shop and tailoring them according to each area's selection, product portfolio or needs


Ofertia enables you to greatly benefit from the factor of proximity—crucial to the purchasing process—reaching consumers who are found near your shops

Brick-and-mortar shop

A digital strategy makes it possible to enhance the shopping, service, and in-store loyalty experience as a key factor in captivating consumers

Ofertia is also for brands

Relevant audience

Although we mainly work with retailers, we can also help brands generate sales at bricks-and-mortar stores, by enabling them to make an impact on consumers who are planning their shopping


We will work hand in hand with your team in creating a campaign tailored to your goals, whether to create or reinforce brand identity, to promote product launches, or to extol the virtues of your products

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