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What is Ofertia?

For shoppers

  • We aggregate all offers and products from the best stores near you
  • We geolocate, index and categorise all information for you to search by products, shops, or brands
  • Based on user preferences, we send smart alerts when there are new specials from their favorite shops or products
  • We provide the relevant store information (address, opening hours, location, and telephone number)
  • We create shopping lists with their favourite products

For clients

  • We give a new life into paper catalogues and brochures in the digital world, with no extra effort for you
  • We increase the reach and distribution of offers and local communication, maximising their effectiveness and efficiency
  • We connect you with consumers at a crucial point in the purchasing process: its preparation
  • We turn a push marketing tool into informational content that consumers consult when and where they need it
  • We monitor each interaction, to measure the success of each campaign and to help us improve using the relevant information

Proven success around the world